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La Famille de la Forêt
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Armillaires couleur de miel

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Sachet de 28g de l’armillaire couleur de miel





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L’Armillaire Couleur de Miel est une très jolie espèce qui offre un parfum agréable qui évoque la noix et la noisette verte.

Honey Fungus is a very attractive species that offers a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of nuts and green hazelnuts.

28g of dried mushrooms correspond to approximately 300g of freshly harvested mushrooms.

Place the dried mushrooms in hot liquid (such as broth prepared with our Umami Forestier, water, cream, etc.) for at least 30 minutes, then drain.

Your mushrooms are ready to be cooked!

Save the liquid to flavor your soups or prepare a sauce!

You can use them in many ways: in sauces, stuffings, gratins, soups, omelets, risottos…

They pair perfectly with pasta, rice, potatoes, couscous…

Honey Fungus is excellent on toasted bread in the oven, with honey and cheese.


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