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Smoked Wild Mix

CAD$ 9.80

28g bag of Smoked Wild Mix.





Soon in harvest



This 100% wild mix is patiently smoked with a blend of woods that we prepare ourselves on our land.

It brings richness and a smoked forest aroma to any dish.

Your broths, sauces and soups will have a delicious flavour, you will never be able to do without it anymore.

Try it in a risotto!

28g of dried mushrooms amounts to about 300g of freshly picked mushrooms.

Soak for at least 30 minutes in a warm liquid (for example broth prepared with our Forest Umami, water, cream…), then drain.

Your mushrooms are ready to be cooked !

Keep the liquid for flavouring your soups or preparing a sauce !

They may be used in sauces, stuffings, gratins, soups, omelettes, risotto…

They’re the perfect trimming for pastas, rice, potatoes, semolinas …

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